Elevando la Experiencia Gastronómica Si eres un entusiasta de la cocina o un amante de la buena comida, seguramente sabrás […]
Discover the excellence in our sustainable wood products! Since 2005, in our company we have been dedicated to the manufacture […]

From Professional to Professional. B2B sales only

We are manufacturers. Send us your design, and we will make it a reality. If you have an idea, we will provide a proposal and fabricate it for you. We offer customized solutions for your project based on your needs and preferences.
In terms of materials and finishes. We are willing to study your project and provide you with the best option

Capturing an idea on physical media requires careful planning, an attractive design, and high-quality production, as well as proper distribution to reach the target audience.

What do we do?

We design, manufacture, distribute, or import sustainable products for your table.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We manufacture using raw materials with quality certificates, environmental certifications, and European quality standards Our design team will work to select the best image to represent your products, using the best materials.
and finishes available.

Dishes, glasses, platters, trays, fruit bowls, centerpieces, bowls,…

Napkin rings, displays, supports, boxes, bases, menu holders,…


Cups, glasses, trays, bowls, plates, fountains,…


Boxes, tablecloths, box pallets, displays, containers,…

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What are our advantages?

European manufacturing.

Certification of raw materials.

Confidentiality in the projects.

Design Department with great experience.


We reduce delivery times.

Sustainable Products.

our customers


Specialist client


Advertising claims



Communication Agencies

Graphic printing CreativeLáserDigitalSerigraphyOff-set Adhesive vinyl

We design and customize promotional displays in various materials

laser – serigraphy – Adhesive viny

We customize using laser on different materials: glass, cardboard, wood, fabric, plastics…

digital – offset

We develop and print digitally, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, cards, posters, labels,…

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