We are a manufacturing company based in Spain committed to sustainability and respect for the environment. Our passion for quality and environmental responsibility has led us to exclusively use sustainable raw materials in all our products.

We have two different and specialized manufacturing lines to meet the needs of different markets:

  1. Thermo-strengthened glass tableware: In this line, we manufacture thermo-strengthened glass tableware that is 100% recyclable. Our products are specially designed to meet the demands of the Hospitality market and individuals who value quality in their items. These tableware not only stand out for their durability and resistance, but also for their contribution to the environment.
  2. Advertising Supports in FSC Wood: Within this line, we produce a wide range of advertising supports in FSC certified wood. These include napkin rings, merchandising, commercial furniture, menu holders, letter holders, stands, blackboards, signage and more. Our target audience is in the sector of advertising agencies, beverage manufacturing companies, hotel franchises, catering and distributors.

We understand the importance of personalization in today’s business world. For this reason, we have a division dedicated exclusively to designing and customizing our products using different techniques, such as screen printing, laser, DTF, vinyl, digital and offset printing. In this way, we can offer our clients the opportunity to add their unique touch to the articles we manufacture, as well as to the boxes and accessories necessary for any advertising campaign.

We believe in the importance of establishing solid and lasting relationships with our clients and collaborators. Our passion for excellence and caring for the environment motivates us to continue evolving and face new challenges in the world of sustainable manufacturing.

fachada exposicion SERPRO SERVICES


Provide creative and sustainable solutions to our clients in the hospitality and advertising market, manufacturing high-quality products with sustainable raw materials and offering a comprehensive customization service for advertising campaigns.


Environmental Sustainability: Committed to the use of sustainable raw materials and ecological practices in all our operations.

Quality and excellence: Manufacture high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

Innovation: Being at the forefront of technology and market trends to offer creative and unique products and services.

Teamwork: Foster a collaborative and respectful environment where each team member contributes their skills and knowledge for common success.

Social Responsibility: Contribute positively to the community and support social initiatives.